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About Us

The Condor is the largest bird in the Western Hemisphere, with a wing span of over 3m. Here at Condor counselling our philosophy is based on the belief  that every individual has the ability to realise their own wingspan, find happiness, and live a more fulfilled life.



Our counsellors are motivated by giving everyone the opportunity to receive the relevant guidance and support needed to spread their wings, thus allowing them to work towards their full potential.

Most people will struggle with one or more things at some point, and may feel 'stuck in a rut', lacking direction, or feeling out of control of their emotions and their life.


When working with a Condor Counsellor you will:


  • Not be judged; by who you are, what you have done or what you bring to therapy. 

  • Work in a neutral, independent, and strictly confidential space. 

  • Create a professional relationship and rapport with your counsellor, where trust and acceptance are key ingredients to using your space effectively; which so many of us lack; but benefit from enormously.

  • Collaboratively talk through what is affecting you, allow you space and time to process and understand it, then identify how we can make realistic changes in your life to support your therapeutic journey.

One in four adults will be struggling with their mental health at any one time. It is normal. In the busy modern lives we lead; space and time to process life events and even day to day occurrences are hard to come by. Here at condor, we see incredible results when people are brave and take that first step to facing what they are going through, and start to regain control. 

Our services have been successful at helping people with:


  • Overpowering worrying, or anxiety.

  • Low mood, or depression.

  • Stress (family, job, personal)

  • Relationship issues

  • Grief and bereavement

  • Job transitions (moving jobs, redundancy, feeling unfulfilled, work-place stress, work-place bullying)

  • Life transitions (moving home, marriage, divorce, relocation, friendship circles)

  • Low confidence and self-esteem

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